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Sales, upgrades, repairs, and troubleshooting!

woman in kitchenNeed Computer Help?In the world of computers, consulting services encompass many different aspects.

From new product sales, to training sessions, to troubleshooting and repair services. Troubleshooting and repair service is also known as "Support".

Computer support comes in different types. Choose the best support type depending on your time and budget.


1SELF-HELP: Usually free to everyone. Requires time and good searching skills. Google and manufacturer's websites have knowledge bases and frequently asked questions (FAQs) that contain information about known issues and troubleshooting tips. Independent on-line support communities have forums where you can post questions that hundreds of people worldwide may see and respond. Many times these forums can provide invaluable time saving answers.

2TELEPHONE / CHAT: Talking with a support technician can solve many issues and claim manufacturer warranties. The phone is the most common way but recently some manufacturers are not posting tech support phone numbers so an on-line chat session may be your only option.

3REMOTE CONTROL: A technician uses their computer computer to remote control your computer. They can perform training sessions as well as diagnosis or repair software issues. Combined with telephone support this can solve about 90% of the all issues that occur. Among all the support levels this is the most convenient and cost-effective option.

4DROP-OFF / PICKUP: When the technician needs to physically see the computer system. You drop-off and pick-up your computer. Serious problems, e.g. viruses, spyware, malware, etc. may require several days to complete. This service is more cost-effective to the on-site support service.

5ON-SITE: A technician comes to your location to analyze, troubleshoot and perform services to diagnose compatibility issues that occur with computers, networks and peripherals. There is a premium service fee for this service.

BACKUP: Before a repair service is performed. Sometimes the only solution is a "System Restore". This means your hard drive is erased and restored to the "Factory State". (Condition your computer was in when you purchased it.)

After you get your computer back you will have to RE-INSTALL all of the software you have added since you purchased it. This process can TAKE HOURS of your time.

Depending on your personal perferences, it may takes WEEKS to get your computer working as it was just before the service. A "System Restore" should only be performed as a LAST resort.

CAUTION: Read the fine print before you sign a service repair order. You may actually be giving them permission to ERASE your hard drive! Many facilities use the "System Restore" feature as their FIRST option in the repair process.





* ON-SITE: Available only in the northern California, Sacramento Area.
* PHONE Appointments: Requires a phone and an internet connection.
* REMOTE CONTROL: Requires an internet connection.


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